Who We Are

A note from our Rector; The Reverend Ceci Duke

When my husband, David, and I first visited the Episcopal Church, we met with the parish rector to find out more about the Tradition. Like many others, we were searching for a community of faith consistent with our understanding of the Gospel of Christ. At the conclusion of our meeting with the rector, he said, “I hope that soon you will find a hearth on which to settle.”

I was taken by the image of a hearth, a good likeness of an altar. The altar, as with the hearth, is a place for potential warmth, community, and relationship. We at Christ Church endeavor to be the hearth and heart of Christ – offering a place where all are welcome to discover and explore their relationship with God. At the hearth, we help one another along as we find strength to be Christ in the world. “I hope that soon you will find a hearth on which to settle.”

Why Choose Us?

We are a member of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta, a diocese of the Episcopal Church of America. As Episcopalians we use the Book of Common Prayer for our liturgy. Our Sunday bulletins provide an outline of each service and the Book of Common Prayer and Hymnals are available in each pew. We are diverse and accepting with members hailing from around the world. Our members and visitors come from various denominational backgrounds. We do not profess to have all the answers but we are not afraid to ask questions.

We hope you will consider joining us one Sunday.

Our Mission
The mission of Christ Church Episcopal is to live, love and serve boldly together in the name of Jesus Christ.
Join Us
Christ Church Episcopal (CCE) warmly welcomes new members! Anyone desiring membership should contact Kristie Bernard, Membership Chair. Membership at CCE is open to all, and the only prerequisite is Baptism.
Our Values
At Christ Church Episcopal, we are committed to the values of being a Christ-centered community, with inspired worship, spiritual growth, and service.
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