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Decades of I Do: The Art and Trends of Historical Wedding Stationery

Wedding stationery has always been a pivotal part of the matrimonial celebration. Across the ages, the art and trends of this stationery have changed, reflecting both societal shifts and artistic advancements.

During the Middle Ages, the tradition of announcing weddings was largely achieved via word of mouth. However, with the advent of parchment and quills, handwritten invitations became a norm. These first forms of stationery were often limited to the upper class, considering the luxury of paper.

By the time of the Renaissance period, the art of wedding stationery experienced significant changes. The advent of the printing press allowed more standardized designs, boasting intricate decorations. Moreover, the Renaissance’s emphasis on art and beauty influenced the themes of these invitations, transforming them into true works of art.

The 1800s ushered in a new era of wedding stationery trends. With society’s focus on mannerisms, invitations became more formal. Luxurious designs, combined with refined calligraphy, were the signature of this period. The use of relief printing and vibrant inks accentuated the opulence of these invitations.

Jumping forward to the 20th century, modern influences began to shape wedding stationery. The rise of cameras allowed couples to include their images into the invites, rendering them more custom. The latter half of the century saw a trend towards DIY stationery, with couples choosing distinctive designs that represented their personal preferences.

The dawn of the 21st century and the digital age revolutionized a new aspect to wedding stationery. E-invitations, with their interactive features, became a popular choice for contemporary couples. Additionally, the convenience of sending invites online and the sustainability they offer turned them into a favored option for many.

In conclusion, the transformation of wedding stationery, from handwritten notes of the Middle Ages to contemporary digital designs, is a testament to how traditions change with time. Despite the changes, the core of these invitations remains: celebrating love and togetherness.

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