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By Ken Boughrum for the Wise Heart Committee

Sun, June 6, 2021 



WHEN:          SUNDAY, JUNE 6, 2021

After four years of diligently considering every possible path to optimize the usage of our real estate assets for Christ Church’s present and future, the Wise Heart Committee put forth to the Vestry a new proposal for a partial land sale, which was unanimously approved.  This was recently presented to the diocesan Standing Committee and we have received permission to move forward!

Ceci and the Vestry members wish to thank the Wise Heart Committee, led by Ken Boughrum and Tracey Rice, for their tireless efforts!  The Wise Heart Committee noticed the current booming housing market and saw a huge opportunity for Christ Church to capitalize on these trends for the betterment of our finances, our buildings and future growth.  Below is a summary of their proposal, and your church leadership will be moving quickly to turn this into reality for our thriving parish.

STRATEGIC LAND SALE:  The church will sell the Mary Webster House with approx. 1.6 acres as a single-family home, taking advantage of the booming housing market to right-size our campus, reduce our mortgage debt, make critical capital repairs/improvements, improve our overall financial situation and inspire new growth.

-What will happen to the Thrift Shop & Offices??  The Thrift Shop will move to the second floor of the Youth Center and the offices to the main church building.

-What will the money go to??  This sale will allow Christ Church to accomplish many key goals for our future:

  1. Replace the roof & HVAC systems in the main building
  2. Repair & upgrade the exterior of the Youth Center
  3. Reduce outstanding mortgage debt significantly
  4. Re-launch/Grand Opening of the Thrift Shop in its new space
  5. Complete a comprehensive “spruce-up” to the grounds of the campus
  6. Create a reserve fund for future capital improvements as a hedge against post-Covid uncertainty
  7. Upgrade the Parish Hall kitchen, Youth Center kitchen & improve bathroom capacity (augmented by a small capital campaign in early 2022)

-Why will this sale be allowed by the City of Norcross when previous development was blocked??  We will be selling the Mary Webster House as a private residence, which is in keeping with the current residential zoning of our property and the historic character of the neighborhood.  With no need for a zoning variance and no construction or multi-family housing, there is no cause for neighbor objection.  The approval by the City of Norcross for this minor subdivision of our lot should be very straightforward, based on the city’s ordinances.  Ken and Tracey began the process with the City on Tuesday, June 1, 2021.

The Wise Heart Committee will be moving quickly to take advantage of the current market conditions, and . . . WE NEED YOUR HELP!  We will need volunteers to clean, perform minor repairs, etc., at the Mary Webster House and work to improve its curb appeal.  We will also be seeking volunteers to help us move the contents of the Thrift Shop & offices.  We hope you will come be a part of this move to a brighter, more vital Christ Church!

Please join your fellow parishioners to hear more about these exciting new developments, at the parish-wide meetings led by Ceci, Mimi, Ken, & Tracey.  Email (or bring) all your questions to Ken and Tracey, so they can be addressed at the meeting for everyone to hear and share.

Ken Boughrum         kboughrum@gmail.com
Tracey Rice              traceyrice99@gmail.com


December 23, 2018 This Week at Christ Church 

We continue to “vigorously engage” with the City to have the moratorium lifted. On Friday the 7th, the City released a draft of the Comprehensive Development Plan for public comment (it is available on their website). We are currently reviewing this 200+ page document to determine the implications for our proposed project. The obstacles remain steep, but if the moratorium is lifted early in 2019, and if our rezoning request is approved by March, we are hopeful that will put us back on schedule.

July, 2018 Communiqué

“You can’t always get what you want / but if you try sometime / you find you get what you need.”

Who would have thought that Mick, Keith, and the rest of the Rolling Stones would have been so prescient with their 1969 lyrics?!

As the Wise Heart Committee (WHC) continues to explore options and generate cost estimates, we have embraced the reality that, indeed, we will not be able to get everything we want. We have lowered our sights from a number of grand renovations to the practical solutions we can afford. The good news is that we believe we will get what we need!

We want to reassure the congregation that we continue to look at each relocation idea and renovation investment through the lens of growth. In other words, does it make sense to choose one elegant but more costly renovation project, or fund two smaller, more practical, projects that enhance our overall attractiveness and will potentially draw people into our congregation? These are lively discussions, to be sure!

In terms of timing, we are also learning that just about everything we are working on is taking longer than initially anticipated – should not be a surprise, right? We are running as fast as we can to stay synchronized with the Developer’s timeline; here are the key activities of the Wise Heart Committee and our current timeline:

  • Make recommendations to the Vestry with our best thinking regarding the amount of debt reduction and the disbursement of the net proceeds from the sale – end of June
  • Present our plan to the Diocese, and gain their endorsement so that we can sign the Purchase and Sales Agreement – early July
  • Review the next iteration of the Site Plan Concept – a drawing of the entire campus including: where the Developer’s buildings will be relative to our buildings, as well as things like the new entrance, shared driveway, common areas, the new location for our parking spaces, and so on – mid-July
  • Present our recommendations to the congregation for feedback – mid-July
  • Support the Developer’s presentation to the community for feedback – mid-July
  • Support the Developer’s submission of the rezoning application – early August
  • Close the deal with the Developer – 1Q 2019
  • Begin church renovations – immediately after the closing
  • Relocate Office and Youth Center activities – 2Q 2019 Should you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact any member of the WHC.


June, 2018 Communiqué

We are working the details!

The Wise Heart Committee (WHC) combined the feedback from out attorneys with the comments from the Diocese, and presented to the purchaser the changes we would like to see in the Purchase and Sales Agreement (PSA).  We expect to have the PSA signed by early June.  Thanks to Busy Belden and Terry Franzen, who are serving as our attorneys.

Members of WHC reviewed an initial site plan developed by One Street.  This plan showed some early ideas of where their buildings could go relative to our buildings, as well as things like the new entrance, shared driveway, common areas, the new location for our parking spaces, and so on.  Overall, the WHC was pretty excited about the future look of the campus.  We had a number of things we really liked and some requested changes.  One Street welcomed our feedback and agreed to work on the changes and generate a revised site plan.

The WHC continues to work with our architect and the Building and Grounds Committee to plan the near-term renovations and repairs to our buildings.  We have moved beyond general concepts, and have rquested our architect to do some initial sketches and get started on cost estimating.  As we have said all along, we will not be able to afford everything we’d like to do, so prioritization will be a major undertaking.  The WHC is looking forward to sharing these early ideas with the congregation as soon as we can.  We are excited to hear your comments and respond to your questions.

Once again, we want to remind everyone that there are still many hurdles to overcome before we complete this transaction.  We continue to be encouraged about the work to date and remain optimistic that we will successfully consummate this deal.  We ask for your continuing prayers.

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