ThriftShopThe Thrift Shop has been in continuous service to the church since 1981. The Thrift Shop donates 60% of its profits to the church’s general fund, disbursing those funds quarterly. The remaining 40% of profit is deposited into the Thrift Shop account and held in reserve to purchase tangible items that are requested by clergy and the congregation.

The Thrift Shop meets a vital need for those in our community,  selling gently used clothing, kitchenware and small home furnishings. We always need helping hands and we encourage volunteers from the parish as well as the community. Donations are accepted during the hours that the Thrift Shop is open.

The shop is located in the basement of the church office building across the parking lot from the church building.

    • 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Tuesday-Thursday & Saturday
    • more information can be requested at