The mission of Christ Church Episcopal is to live, love and serve boldly together in the name of Jesus Christ.


As a parish community in Christ, our shared vision is:

+ To continue building a warm, caring, and joyful community of faith;
+ To deepen our lives in Christ through prayer, study, and worship,
grounded in the traditions of the Liturgy and Eucharist;
+ To nurture, teach, and mentor new generations of children in our church;
+ To expand our local and global outreach to people in physical and spiritual need;
+ To broaden our welcome for people of different ages, races, and cultures
-and to integrate them more fully into the life of our parish;
+ To grow our parish family in numbers, in programs, and in seeking God’s Vision for our future; and
+ To make Christ Church Episcopal sustainable and strong with our energy, our talent, and our faithful stewardship.


At Christ Church Episcopal, we are committed to the values of being a Christ-centered community, with inspired worship, spiritual growth, and service.