Our Hispanic Ministry celebrated its 17th anniversary on October 8, 2017! 

This vibrant ministry of Christ Church continues to grow more and more each year – in numbers (150-170 each Sunday), in programs (English as Second Language {ESL}, First Communion, Confirmation), and in outreach.  Our Hispanic community meets for worship every Sunday at 1pm and for Christian formation and fellowship.

Events of the past year include the celebration of the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe (December 11th and 12th), a celebration with a Mariachi band in the nave, and a dinner in the Parish Hall,  baptisms and confirmations, celebrations of quinceañeras for young women turning 15,  and weddings.

We are developing a new program with our Hispanic teens with the “Renovación Juvenil” program for Hispanic teens ages 13-18.  This program is prepared and delivered by young Hispanic leaders, all of them past program participants. It will give these teens communication tools, leadership skills, and the ability to make better decisions so that they can have a great future. It’s a “life-changing weekend”!

We invite you to join us and see this vibrant ministry!  For more information, please contact the church office