First communion is a very important and significant celebration.  Children receive the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist for the first time.  This is a very sacred moment, as the Eucharist occupies a central role in the church.

This year, preparations and instructions for those children participating in the Sacrament will begin in June- culminating in a celebration in December in the nave.

All those participating are required to attend Catechesis (which includes the Ten Commandments, prayer, sacraments, and confession).  They are also encouraged to serve as acolytes and do community work.

First Communion is one of the happiest days for children because of the significance of accepting Jesus in their lives.  The communicants wear white, which symbolizes purity.

Celebrations that include food and music are typically part of this special celebration.

Hispanic 1st Comm congregation pic 1-20-13