We are so pleased to share this new film of our work in Haiti.  Our special thanks to John Duke who wrote, directed and produced the film for us, which debuted at Christ Church in conjunction with Deacon Juan Sandoval’s sermon reflecting on his recent experiences in Haiti.


God is Good!

Christ Church’s partnership with St. Joseph’s of Arimethea, Jasmin, Haiti, through the Diocese of Haiti, began in August 2007.  Our most important mission is to provide companionship, care, and prayer for the community. St. Joseph’s is located high in the mountains above Leogane, the epicenter of the 2010 earthquake.

At the request of Bishop Duracin, Bishop of the Diocese of Haiti, we support his vision of a school in every Episcopal mission in Haiti by funding the salaries of the teachers and staff at St. Joseph’s school, as well as funding the supplies, equipment, books, uniforms, and shoes for the students. The parents who can, pay tuition, also. Since our involvement began, the school has grown from 120 to 500 students, pre-school through 8th grade.

Out of something very bad came something very good. Prior to the earthquake, our students met in the church which was heavily damaged in the quake and out in the yard under tarps. After the earthquake, the Finnish Lutheran Foundation built a school complete with a kitchen and biofuel toilets on land which Christ Church donors purchased behind the church.

In addition, we staff and fund two mobile medical /dental clinics annually. These clinics provide the only medical and dental care for this community.  We serve about 250 people per day at the clinics. Our patients walk as long as 4 hours one way to reach us. Our clinics are staffed by Haitians and Americans. We hire a Haitian nurse to visit the community monthly for follow up care with our patients. Our dream is to build a free standing clinic, staffed by Haitians.

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