What is Foyers all about?  It is about organized small groups of adults that share a simple meal and fellowship together on a roughly monthly basis.  And that is all that it is about…fellowship!  

Foyers has a long and rich tradition at Christ Church, and our goal is to get to know one another:

  •  Larger groups (8-10) so the fun goes on even if someone can’t make it! 
  •  Emphasis on a simple meal (dinner, lunch or brunch) that keeps the hurdle low for  the next host!  
  •  With the agreement of everyone in the group, patronizing a local restaurant is also  an option. Or, take those sandwiches on a picnic! 
  •  We start in October and run through May for maximum scheduling flexibility,  particularly around the holidays. 
  •  For those who aren’t sure, let us know that you just want to try it out and we’ll make sure that you are included in a group for at  least one or two meals. 
  •  Open to all adults – couples and singles.

Sign-Up dates will be August 31st and September 6th in the Parish Hall following the 10:30am service.

For more information, contact Kristie Bernard