Catechesis of the Good Shepherd & Godly Play

Sunday Morning 9:15-10:15


“Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs.”  (Mt. 19:14)

Christ Church Episcopal offers two Montessori based methods of Religious Education, adapted by the Episcopal Church. Both methods of Christian  Formation foster imagination, curiosity, joy, and wonder. These experiences encourage the child to develop a relationship with God, both inside and outside the Church. The Atrium is the child’s sacred space and calm environment in which to grow. The Sensorimotor style of storytelling focuses on Biblical Sacred Stories, Parables, and Liturgy. These offerings are available during the Sunday school hour for children ages 3 years thru 4th grade.

The atrium is the meeting ground of two mysteries:   the mystery of God and the mystery of the child

Atrium I – Age 3 years – kindergartenSHeep

This child-sized Atrium allows the children to step into a stillness where they learn to pray and to sense their innate spirituality. The children’s very movements support their growing faith. They walk the outdoor  labyrinth, learn the gesture of the sign of the cross, or move the sheep figures to    follow the shepherd out of the sheepfold, as told in the Parable of the Good Shepherd. At this early age,    children are learning that mind, body and spirit are connected in their experience of the Divine.

Atrium I Catechists:  The Rev. Ceci Duke, Karen Hines Gordon & Tricia Lobaugh

TinyAltar Atrium II  – 1st – 4th grade

This atrium is the child’s space for personal reflection and prayer. Atrium II continues to build on the foundations established in   Atrium I. For example, in Atrium I children are exposed to parables about the Kingdom of God.  Atrium II revisits these parables, broadening their understanding at a developmentally  appropriate level.

Children learn how to explore  scripture, reflect on what is personally meaningful, and  experience as a group a synthesis of the Kingdom Parables. They learn the benefits of being part of a community of believers, as well as how to become active participants in the life of our parish, and fruitful branches of the true vine moving forward.

Atrium II Catechists: Jenn Jordan and Misty Wilson